Dubai Construction Challenge Before and After Covid

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Construction of the UAE handled the pandemic in a great way. However, the Dubai construction challenge remains and needs to be faced. The UAE’s construction sites kept being extremely busy through the pandemic’ worth’ phase in 2020. Construction is an … Continued

The Progress of Bandung Smart Cities Development

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After covid19 outbreak, Indonesia takes advantage of technology and digitalization to start economic recovery. Indonesia initiates to develop smart cities that integrate technology in several sectors. Bandung smart cities become a pioneer in actualizing the project of smart cities in … Continued

Play Online Pokémon Claw Machine and Win These

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Pokémon is still everyone’s favorite. Pocket monsters that come from Japan have a cute appearance but awesome skills and abilities. Many people still love collecting everything about Pokémon today. If you too love collecting things about Pokémon, you better start … Continued