3 Elements in Developing Bandung Smart Cities

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Bandung smart cities are special cities that function optimally in managing various city resources efficiently and effectively to solve assorted problems and challenges faced by the city. The smart city will use integrated, sustainable, and innovative solutions to face the problems and challenges.

Technology is the driving force behind the creation of the solutions above. Technology will be supported by the strong human resources and infrastructure that are ready to provide city services to improve the life quality of the citizens towards a loved and comfortable Bandung.

Bandung Smart Cities Indonesia

The smart city project that is developed by Bandung’s government carries two essential elements: Liveable and Loveable. Liveable means the government wants the city to function optimally so that it can be a comfortable city and suitable for people to live in.

And Loveable means Bandung is a city that is loved by its citizens. The government wants to make the citizens feel at home while providing the best for this city. Bandung smart cities campaign is needed since Bandung is a metropolitan city in Indonesia.

Huge number of citizens who are already able to take advantage of technology and the flow of demographics and urbanization of Bandung are two other reasons why a smart city is the right solution.

Smart Governance in Bandung Smart Cities

Smart Governance is a crucial component of Bandung smart city. Smart Governance highlights the governance from the local government as an institution that controls the joints of the city life. Smart governance should be able to change the traditional bureaucracy.

The change is expected to result in a faster, communicative, efficient, and effective business process. The goal of smart governance is the Bandung recovery economy Indonesia. In order to achieve the goal, the government keeps enhancing the performance of the bureaucracy.

Innovation and adaptation of Bandung smart cities technology is one tool that will be used to fasten the desired changes in service, policy, and bureaucracy.

Smart Environment for Better City

The development of a smart city also involves the development of a smart environment. The Bandung government is more concerned about the environment in developing the city during the construction of physical infrastructure.

The basic idea of a smart environment in a smart city is to provide continuous infrastructure that is supported by technology. The government wants to develop the environment protection program, waste management, and responsible energy management.

Smart City with Smart Economy

Another way that will help the government to develop Bandung smart city is the smart economy. The goal of smart economy is to create an economic ecosystem in the region that is able to meet the challenges in this disruptive information era and demands a fast level of adaptation.

The goal for this smart economy dimension is to create an ecosystem that will support the citizens’ economic activities, aligned with the leading economic sector that is adaptable to the changes that occur in this information era.

In order to develop Bandung smart cities, the Bandung government is developing various components including smart environment, smart economy, and smart governance. The use of technology is going to fasten the government in achieving the goal.

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