4 Super Cute Disney Game Online Prizes for Girls

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Playing online games is the most exciting way to spend time. However, don’t pick any online game randomly since most online games today have no benefits for the players. Instead, choose a Disney game online that allows you to have fun while enjoying the real prizes you win from the game.

This unique online game is similar to the conventional claw machine game. You need to move the claw using a button that appears on your smartphone. This way, you’ll move the claw of the original claw machine in Japan. If you win the real game in the real machine, you will get the real prize.

Prizes To Get by Playing Disney Game Online

No matter where you are, you can always play and win the real prizes of this game. The app is free to download but you need to spend USD 1 for each play. By spending a little amount of money, you will get the chance to win these amazing prizes:

  • Donald Duck Plush

The first Disney claw game prize you can choose to win is the Donald Duck plush. This plush has a huge size and is super soft. The original price of Donald Duck plush is USD 130. By spending only a dollar, you will be able to win this amazing prize from home.

  • Mickey Mouse Leather Madison Bag

The fans of Mickey Mouse can choose this leather Madison bag as their prize. This elegant leather bag has gold chains that will enhance the luxury of the bag. And the most important thing is the leather bag has a happy Mickey Mouse face on it. This prize’s original price is USD 200.

  • Duffy the Disney Bear Plush

Unlike the previous prizes from the Disney claw game, this prize is super exclusive. The Disney Sea Duffy bear plush is not for sale anywhere else. This 30 cm Duffy bear is also a limited edition prize. In order to win the prize you need to keep playing the online crane game.

  • Mickey Mouse Bubble Wand

Another prize you may want to win is the bubble wand with Mickey Mouse head on the top of the wand. This blue wand will blow bubbles very easily. Simply press the button to make it blow the bubbles.

In order to win those prizes and many other exclusive Disney prizes, get the Disney game online from Play Store or App Store. Start playing with your premium tickets to win the prizes for free.


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