The China Market Outlook in 2023

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The transformation of China’s economic situation is incredible after the pandemic. They manage the country well to keep their development amidst the crisis. The China market outlook in 2023 is way more promising with some measurements by the government themselves. … Continued

The 3 Main Points of India Consumer Behavior

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India is a big country, with a lot of population, advanced technology, and excellent human resources. By 2030, this country can beat the US in the economy, and its environment is supportive of business. It’s important to know India consumer … Continued

Vietnam Healthcare Consulting: Market Overview and Opportunities

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The Vietnam healthcare sector presents exciting opportunities for stakeholders. The aging population, fast-growing middle class, and rapid urbanization increase the demand for high-quality services. There is also digital healthcare, a sub-sector jumpstarted by the COVID-19 pandemic. An in-depth analysis by … Continued

Indonesia Smart Cities Getting Started

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The advancement of technology drives all countries including Indonesia to move forward by establishing smart cities. We can see how Indonesia has initiated early steps to establish smart cities. We can see the implementation of Indonesia smart cities from several … Continued

Consumer Behaviour and Consumer Spending in UAE

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Understanding consumer spending in UAE can be challenging and daunting since there is a diverse population. Dubai, a part of UAE has become the hottest shopping destination of the world. Many consumers in the UAE are big spenders. They are … Continued