Best Online Claw Machine with Unique Features

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, people need to do many things from home. Studying from home, working from home, and shopping from home become the new trend today. To entertain yourself, consider choosing the best online claw machine game you can play from home.

Claw machine is available in so many amusement parks and shopping malls. And now, this game is also available on your smartphone. You don’t have to leave your comfort zone to play the crane game. Simply connect your smartphone to the internet and you will get the most amazing online game ever.

A Game Available for All Smartphones

Japan claw machine is a special online crane game you can find on the Play Store and App Store. This game allows you to play on Apple devices that the iOS is at least 13.0. After installing this game on your iOS device, you can choose one of three available languages.

The available languages are traditional Chinese, Japanese, and English. With those language options, everyone from around the world can play this game and win the prizes they want. If you are using an Android device, make sure its operating system is at least 5.0 before downloading the game.

Best Online Claw Machine with Many Features

This online crane game comes with various features to enjoy. For example, this game offers many claw machines you can play anytime. Some claw machines you can choose to play include recoil, cliffhanger, and also wobble games. Practice playing them all and you will win the entire game mode.

The game also has a reward program. This program requires you to play games and earn EXP points. You should also do your best to win the real prizes available in the game. The prizes you won will be shipped to your home with the help of EMS or DHL.

New Prizes Are Always Available

You will never get bored playing this Japan claw machine. The game already came with amazing prizes for everyone. As you play and try to collect the entire prizes, the developer will always update the prize in the game.

This is exactly like the original crane game in amusement parks and shopping malls. All you have to do is keep playing and winning the entire prizes offered by the online game. You can keep playing though you’re running out the premium tickets.


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