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Playing a Pokemon claw machine in one of the UK’s arcades may be too ordinary for you. If you want to have a different experience in playing this claw machine, you must try the Pokemon claw machine online game. In spite of this difference, this online game is as fun as the arcade claw machine.

How Pokemon Claw Machine Online Game Different from the Arcade Claw Machine?

The online version of Pokemon claw machine, of course, offers different experiences for the players. Playing this game is much more convenient than playing the real one at the amusement arcade. 

First, you can access this claw machine anytime you want to. You don’t need to wait for the arcades to open to play a claw machine if you have this online game. You can also play it for as long as you want.

Moreover, you can play the online claw machine anywhere you are. It is no wonder that most of its gamers choose to play it from the comfort of their homes, while sitting on a cozy sofa or laying on the bed.

Not a Simulator!

Some people think that because it is the online version of claw machine, it is only a simulator and uninteresting to play. However, the Pokemon claw machine online game is actually not a simulator. It has a connection to a real Pokemon claw machine.

When you play this online game, the app provides a live video of the claw machine you are controlling. As a result, you can enjoy an exciting claw machine game without going anywhere.

Special Pokemon Collectibles Sent to Your Address

One of the best things about the online Pokemon claw machine is that it sends special Pokemon collectibles to the winners’ address. This game has a wonderful Pokemon prize collection for you to win. All of them are exclusively available only in this game.

If playing an arcade claw machine enables you to win only Pokemon plush toys, it is not so when playing the online version. You can select to win Pokemon bags, plush toys, towels, pouches, sleepers, or other collectibles before starting controlling the online claw machine.

These collectibles are available in various Pokemon characters, such as Pikachu, Eevee, and Squirtle. With more choices of prizes, this online claw machine is more fun to play. It also allows you to have a great collection of Pokemon merchandise.


The game ticket for this game is very affordable. Meanwhile, the price of the prizes is expensive. Therefore, you don’t need to spend lots of money to get Pokemon collectibles. Meanwhile, new users will get some free tickets so that they have some chances to win free Pokemon prizes.


The online version of Pokemon claw machine is compatible with both Android and iPhone. Therefore, to download the app of this claw machine game, you must visit Google Play Store or App Store. This app is available for free.

The online Pokemon claw machine has been downloaded million times and most of its players have won the prizes more than once. If you want to experience the excitement when unboxing prizes from this game, you must play this claw machine now. 

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