6 Categories of Call Center Services from Reliable Providers

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Call centers will not only answer calls from your customers. BPO call centers usually offer different services so that every small business and bigger business can find and use the right service for their business. There are at least seven different categories of call center services.

Each category of BPO call center is providing some different types of companies. To find the right service, it is essential to know the different categories of BPO call centers. Use the information to compare different BPO call center providers so that you’ll know the right company to help you.

6 Categories of Call Center Services

At least, there are six categories of BPO call centers available. Each category offers various services small and larger businesses can choose and use depending on their needs. Below are the six categories you should know.

  • Inbound call centers

Inbound call centers are going to handle calls that come from customers into your business. Usually, businesses use inbound call centers to help new customers place an order. This inbound call center can also help existing customers find troubleshooting for any problem related to any service or product.

  • Outbound call centers

Another category of GBA Call Center Solution is the outbound call center that will help your company contact customers. The goal is to sell to potential customers through telemarketing. Telemarketing is going to create high ROI if the agents you choose have enough experience in the art of cold calling.

  • Automated call centers

Automated call centers will let your company reduce the call management cost since they have computer-based systems. The systems are going to handle some responsibilities.

There are three different services of automated call centers: interactive voice responders, helping customers find locations, and managing voicemails.

  • Multichannel call centers

Even though phone calls are an essential part of many modern businesses, many other interaction and communication forms are also available. GBA Call Center Solution offers different communication tasks, like receiving and sending emails and faces and also overseeing order fulfillment.

  • Omnichannel call centers

With omnichannel call centers, any department that is assigned to help clients will communicate with each other. This is going to help staff learn from details gathered through phone calls. This is going to enhance customization when the call center interacts with clients to get better results.

  • Virtual call centers

Virtual call centers have staff working from remote locations and not at the same facility. Virtual call centers can also specialize in outbound marketing calls. Those are the six different categories of call center services you need to know before looking for the right service.

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