Claw Machine Online Play and Win Unique Prizes from the Heart of Japan

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Have you ever played claw machines in Singapore that gives you a Japanese vibe? They are fun and there are plenty of unique prizes to win. Claw machine online play Singapore allows you to experience that and more. All without you having to go to Japan. You can enjoy the thrill in the comfort of your home.

Claw Machine Online Play Singapore Prizes

What kinds of prizes can you win? There is a lot, and by that, we mean over 2,000 prize items. You can win electronics like wireless earphones, cameras with stand arm, and cool boxes, cute soft toys like plushies, food like ramen noodles and delicious sticks, and exclusive anime merchandises you won’t find elsewhere.

So far, there are over 10 million prize items that have been won by players.

$1 per Play

With a wide range of prize options to choose from, how much do you need to pay to claw machine online play? You don’t need to break the bank. It costs only USD1 per play. This price is flat. So, regardless of where you live, you will pay USD1 per play.

Claw Machine Games

There are plenty of claw machines you can play. The 5 types of claw machine games are Bridge Style, Ping-Pong Ball, Treasure Hunt, Hang & Hook & Shake, and Bounded Machine.

How to Play

  1. Select the prize you want to win.
  2. Play the claw machine game.
  3. Win the game.
  4. Claim the prize and get it shipped to your door via DHL or EMS.

Free Plays Make It More Fun

If you just want the thrill of playing a Claw machine online play Singapore or want to improve your skill, try the free plays. You can practice with any claw machine and hone your skill whenever you want. Note that in free plays, you won’t get to claim your prize if you win.

Premium Tickets

There are also premium tickets. Using a premium ticket, you can play a claw machine for free. If you win while using a premium ticket, then the prize is yours free of charge.

24/7 Customer Satisfaction Team

Need some help or facing some difficulties? Reach out to the customer satisfaction team. The team is available 24/7. You can reach them via chat and they will offer you a quick solution.

Next time you want to enjoy the thrill of playing claw machines, try claw machine online play. There are plenty of exciting games and unique prizes to win. From electronics, soft toys, and food to anime merchandises. If you’re lucky, you can even play and win a prize for free using premium tickets.

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