Claw Machine Online Play to Win 3 Japanese Snacks

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Kids and adults today love playing online games at home. One of the most famous online games you can play at home is the claw machine online play. This game allows you to get various unique prizes from Japan. When accessing this game, you’ll find so many prizes to choose from before playing.

Some prizes you can win by playing this online claw machine game are Japanese snacks. Since the online claw machine game comes from Japan, this game will give you Japanese snacks for the prizes. There are so many types of Japanese snacks you can win from this online game.

claw plus

Special Mentos from Japan

Everyone knows that Mentos is a famous candy we can find anywhere. But if you play the online claw machine game from Japan, the Mentos you get will come from Japan. This unique Mentos will have three different strawberry flavors in one pack.

Before playing, choose Mentos 3 strawberry flavors as your prize. And then start playing the Claw Plus game. If you win, the candy will be shipped from Japan. the expiry date of this prize is May 31, 2023. To win this prize, you should be able to collect 100 points after playing the game.

Win Cheesecake from Claw Machine Online Play

Japan is also known for its fluffy cheesecakes. You don’t have to fly to Japan just to taste the fluffy cheesecakes. Simply play the online claw machine game and then collect 200 points. If have collected points in the required amounts, exchange them with a Maple cheesecake snack from Japan.

The snake will be shipped from Tokyo to your home. The expiry date of this Maple cheesecake is November 15, 2022. So, make sure that you play the game immediately and win the Maple cheesecake after playing the Claw Plus game.

Special Doughnuts from Japan

Another prize players can get from playing the online claw machine game is 20 bags of Young Doughnut snacks. Inside the box of the snack you win, there will be many small doughnuts to enjoy. To win this prize, you need to exchange 180 points you get from playing the online claw machine app.

The expiry date of this Young Doughnut snack is November 23, 2022. You need to play the game now and win this prize so that you can enjoy Young Doughnut before its expiry date.

Source: Claw Plus – Online Claw Machine

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