Consumer Behaviour and Consumer Spending in UAE

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Understanding consumer spending in UAE can be challenging and daunting since there is a diverse population. Dubai, a part of UAE has become the hottest shopping destination of the world. Many consumers in the UAE are big spenders. They are loyal to their most favorite brands.

About 34% of consumers in Dubai said that they will only buy from brands they know well, no matter how expensive the products will be. UAE consumers also have higher expectations than other consumers around the world. Earning UAE consumers’ loyalty is a special challenge.

Challenge to Impress UAE Consumers

It can be totally hard to impress UAE consumers. If you want to earn the consumers’ loyalty, you need to start with customer experience that is extra excellent. About 75% of Middle East customers prefer shopping from single brand websites instead of multi branded websites.

Those customers believe that those single brand websites are going to provide the best customer service for them. However, UAE consumers also expect something higher than seamless delivery, order, and also return process.

About 65% of UAE consumers expect the brands to connect personally with them and also treat them as special individuals. This percentage increased about 9% than the average global expectation for the personalized service.

Overcoming Consumer Spending in UAE

Though there is a challenge in impressing UAE consumers, it doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to enter the market and earn the consumers’ attention. About 69% of UAE shoppers are interested in some exclusive benefits and rewards.

And about 43% of those consumers are encouraged to spend more frequently and higher but with a personal advisor for their shopping behaviour. If you need consumers to connect with the brand you offer in the UAE, you need to have effective customer relationship management.

This management should be highly personalized so that each consumer will feel special. Provide a website that offers the best brand experience. If you are offering a retail brand, provide product support functionality that is also personalized on the website.

Unique Consumer Behaviour in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a ready made market for various luxury brands and tourisms. The population of UAE is a wealthy population, huge drivers for the luxury tourisms and brands. For example, Dubai accounts for 30% of the luxury market in Middle East.

A study found that the citizens of UAE spend about 30% of the monthly salary they earn on some luxury goods. In order to appeal to the luxury mindset of the UAE citizens, you need to emphasize the craftsmanship, status, and quality of the brand you offer.

This helps you increase and differentiate the local engagement. In the UAE, foreign products are everyone’s favorite. About 58% of the entire purchases in UAE are foreign products.

The trend of consumer spending in UAE and the consumer behaviour of the countries are two excellent factors that need to be considered by foreign companies. Consumers in UAE who really love luxury products allow foreign companies to enter the market and will accept the personalized products.

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