Game with Real Prize Shipped from Japan

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The pandemic forced us to stay at home and do everything from home. Even though people are now allowed to leave their home, many of us still want to stay at home. If you think it is better to stay at home a little bit longer, it is time for you to play a special game with real prize.

Some families love to visit the nearest amusement parks. But going outside with kids today can be dangerous. Virus isn’t the only threat waiting out there. However, not many things can be done at home. If your kids love to play games, consider installing a special game for them.

A Unique Claw Game in Your Phone

Kids today love to spend most of their time using their gadget. Some would love to watch videos while the others prefer playing games. Don’t let your kids waste their time doing useless things. There is a genius game designed for everyone that will give you the real prizes.

This game’s name is Clawtopia. It is a claw machine game that you can play on your phone. This is like the one in the amusement park, but installed in your phone. There is no need to take your kids outside and expose them to the virus. Play the claw machine at home for free.

Fantastis Game with Real Prize

When you play the real claw machine in any amusement park, you will do your best to win a prize. If you can drop the prize on the hole then the prize will be yours. What about the claw machine game you have installed on your phone? Clawtopia is an online game, it connects you to a real claw machine.

The real claw machine connected to you is located in Japan. When you play the game on your phone, you will actually play the machine that is located in Japan. If you can drop the prize through the hole, it will be yours. How will the prize get to you? The game maker will send the prize to your home.

International Shipping to Deliver Your Prize

This unique claw machine game would love to make your life more fun and easier at once. You don’t need to get outside and go to Japan to take the prize you won. Clawtopia is going to ship your prize directly from Japan. The maker of this game will use EMS or DHL to deliver the prize you deserve.

Interested in playing this amazing game and win as many awesome prizes as possible? Get the game for free now from the App Store or Play Store. Install the game and then play anytime you want.

Since you need to stay at home, playing a game with real prize will be more fun and challenging. Clawtopia is going to give you the most exclusive prizes if you just keep playing and winning the game. Clawtopia is now available on the App Store and Play Store. Get this unique game and win the prizes.

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