How to Win Online Pokemon Claw Machine

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Online pokemon claw machine

Who loves Pokémon and tries to collect every action figure and merchandise from that anime? You can get every merchandise from an online Pokémon claw machine at a super affordable price. You don’t buy the merchandise but play the game to win them.

The claw machine to get Pokémon stuff is unique. You can play it anywhere and anytime. It is very flexible and you can choose the action figure you want to collect from the machine. Learn how to win this game and add your collection to this anime series.

What is Online Pokémon Claw Machine?

Unlike offline claw machines, this machine is available online from the app. You have to download the app from the Play Store or Apple store. Online Pokémon claw machine is downloadable for free and you can immediately install the app on your gadget.

Available prize

The prize in the Pokémon claw machine consists of authentic merchandise and action figures. They are from Japan and have a license. Since they are authentic, you will find goods that are unavailable in many places outside Japan. The price to sell is also expensive.

Token or ticket

It is important to understand how to play this game. The claw can move and catch the merchandise after you buy a ticket or token. The price of the token is $1 and you can repurchase as many as you want. If you lose the game, you will also lose the token.


There are some advantages you will get if you play the game. You have flexibilities when you play the game, in time and places. Second, the token is very affordable compared to buying the merchandise directly from Japan. With $1, you have a chance to have authentic Pokémon merchandise.

How to Win Claw Machine

Learn countless times of demo features in the app. The demo features allow you to learn how to use the online Pokémon claw machine. The demo is free, so you don’t have to pay any cents for this. The demo has a guide for a beginner to win the game easily.

The gamers should be careful to position the claw above the merchandise. The claw easily drops the merchandise even after they get it right. Before the claw goes up and moves to the hole again, you might not win the game.

The online Pokémon claw machine helps you to have many authentic merchandises from Pokémon. This anime offers many figures to collect since the characters are available in more than thirty kinds. Play this game to get the only authentic stuff at a cheap price.


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