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Is it safe to play a game from another country? You may want to know the answer to that question because you want to play this claw machine online play Singapore. The game comes from Japan and real machines are all located in Japan.

But the game offers two languages, Japanese and English. The goal is to reach many people all around the world, including Singapore. If you are a Singaporean and you want to play this game, there will be some things about this claw machine app you should know.

Download and Play for Free

This claw machine online play Singapore is a free game. The maker of this game places the online claw machine on the App Store and also on Google Play Store. The goal is to let all owners of smartphones get the app and play their favorite claw machine game on their devices.

Android and iPhone users can all get the app without purchasing it. The app is available for free, though the details of the game say that there will be an in-app purchase. However, some players can play the game for free. Who can play the game for free?

Free claw machine online play Singapore

The game is technically free for everyone. The game has this special feature named premium tickets. Each new player is going to earn five premium tickets when they make an account. This is how everyone can play the game without paying anything.

If you want to play the online claw machine game for free, then you have to do your best for the first five games. And then you cannot play the game for free anymore if you are out of premium tickets. Even though you are out of tickets, the game is still fun enough.

Players should pay to play the game

Those who are out of premium tickets must pay to start playing the claw machine online play Singapore. You don’t have to spend too much money to play the game. For each play, players should pay only $1. With this $1, you can win awesome figurines and prizes from this claw machine game.

However, since you have to pay before playing, you must have the best strategies so that you can win the outstanding prizes you desire. If you have no strategy at all, you are going to waste your $1 for nothing.


Is this claw machine online play Singapore a free game for only some players? The game is fascinating and it is free for anyone. However, if you are out of tickets, you must pay to play.

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