Play Pikachu Claw Machine and Win Exclusive Pokemon Merchandise

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There are plenty of claw machine apps out there. If you want to win exclusive Pikachu merchandise, JCM’s Pikachu claw machine is your best bet. Not only can you win exclusive merchandise but there are also various machines to choose from and offerings from JCM like free premium tickets.

About JCM

Japan Claw Machine or JCM is an application that allows you to control a claw machine in Japan remotely. JCM app is available on both App Store and Google Play. There are various claw machines to choose from, one of them being the Pikachu Claw Machine

Besides playing a claw machine, the app also allows players to watch other players’ real-time play. That means you can learn a lot of things about the game mechanic before even trying it yourself, thus improving your chance to win.

As of now, the app has been downloaded over 31 million times with over 10 million prizes won by players around the world. On average, more than 1,000 players are playing the game every day.

How to Play Pikachu Claw Machine

Playing the claw machine is simple. First, you select the prize you want. Then, play the claw machine and meet the winning condition and get the prize. When you win, have the prize delivered to your door from Japan via EMS or DHL.

Speaking of gameplay, if you play the hang & hook & shake claw machine, you win the prize when you can hook the pink ring to drop. If you play the ping-pong ball claw machine, you win by dropping the ball to the colored ball hole. And so on.

(Note: Playing the game costs $1 per play. The cost is flat, meaning it is the same regardless of where you are.)

What Merchandise Can You Win?

If you play the claw machine, what Pokemon merchandise can you win? Well, there are plenty of claw machines to choose from. 

For example, Snorlax plush cushion, Pikachu plush slippers, daily flip calendar, Pokemon face pouch, Eevee storage boxes, towel, wristwatch, and Pokemon-themed eco bag, just to name a few.

Moreover, JCM has exclusive contracts with many popular series, including Pokemon. Due to this, JCM is allowed to produce exclusive Pokemon merchandise that can’t be purchased anywhere else.

If You Face Difficulty

If you have a problem getting the Pokemon merchandise you want, JCM customer service may reposition the prize so it is easier for you to win. You can also contact JCM’s 24/7 live chat support for quick solutions.

Try It Now

Haven’t tried the game yet? Now is a good time. Currently, there is a limited-time offer for new players. JCM will reward new players for downloading the application with 5 premium tickets. You can use the tickets to play the claw machine of your choosing for free.

So, are you ready to catch ‘em all? If you are, just download the JCM app on the App Store or get it on Google Play. Play the Pikachu claw machine and win exclusive Pikachu merchandise from your favorite series. Good luck!

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