Play the Claw Machine Game Online UK and Win Interesting Prizes

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The covid-19 pandemic in the UK has caused arcade gamers to be more cautious in visiting the amusement arcades. As a result, many of them cannot play their favorite arcade games, such as claw machines, as freely as before. Thankfully, now you can download and play claw machine games online.

Downloading this online game allows you to play the claw machine at home via your mobile phone. Therefore, you can minimize your risk of being infected by the virus. This online game is no different from the real machine in British arcades and it even offers more advantages.

Interesting Prizes from Claw Machine Game Online 

Similar to the arcade claw machine, this online game allows you to get real prizes. The game developer will ship them to your UK address. 

Large numbers of interesting prizes are available in this online claw machine. Figurines and stuffed toys of Disney and anime characters are part of the prize collection of this game. You can also win snacks, cup noodles, small electronic devices, and many others.

The claw machine game online has some limited edition prizes. They are generally expensive and have excellent quality. In addition, you can also win exclusive anime and Disney characters collectibles. As exclusive items, they are only available in this claw machine and you cannot buy them in stores.

Easy and Fun Claw Machines in the App

To give you an excellent gaming experience, this online claw machine game offers 5 different claw machine types. They are easy and fun to play. The fun and different challenges of these machines will make you want to play them again and again.

Aside from the different challenges, this online game also groups the machine based on the prizes. Therefore, if, for example, you want to win Pokemon merchandise, you must play the Pokemon claw machine.

Nice Bonuses for the App Users

New app users will receive great bonuses from this online claw machine. They will get several free plays. As a result, they have several chances to win the claw machine prizes for free. 

In addition, this app also provides unlimited free practice plays for app users who need to hone their clawing skill. Playing the free practice plays will not give you real prizes though. Therefore, once you have better gaming skill, you must purchase the game tickets and play the machines to win real prizes.

How to Play the Game

To play this online claw machine, you need to download and install the game on your mobile phones beforehand. Next, you must choose the prize items you want to win and purchase the game ticket. The price of the game ticket is $1. Regardless of the real price of the item, you only need to pay a game ticket.

In playing this game, you will see a live video of a real claw machine and you must control its claw remotely. If you can claw the prize item successfully, then you need to get your prize items shipped to your house.

The gameplay of this online claw machine is similar to those in the arcades since this online game is connected to real claw machines. If you have problems playing the online claw machine game, you can chat with the customer care service.

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