Pokémon Claw Machine Win Cute Tissue Box Covers

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There is a cute Pokémon named Eevee. This normal Pokémon has brown fur that makes it look like a fox. If you’re a lover of Eevee, you know that this Pokémon can evolve into eight different Pokémon. And if you’re a fan of Eevee, play the Pokémon claw machine win various prizes.

The online crane game will let you get various prizes related to Eevee and its evolution. Since there are eight evolutions of Eevee, you need to collect many prizes that have those eight evolutions. This way, you can get all Eevee-related prizes and will complete your Eevee collection at home.

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Vaporeon Prize from Online Crane Game

As a normal Pokémon, Eevee can evolve and become a water Pokémon named Vaporeon. This cute blue-colored pokemon has fins. When the fins of Vaporeon start vibrating, it is a sign that the rain is about to come in a few hours. Now, you can get a Vaporeon cover for your tissue box.

This tissue box cover has a soft blue color. You will see the dark blue fins of Vaporeon and its happy face on the top of the cover. To get this cute blue prize from the Pokémon claw game you need to win the game and then wait for the prize to be shipped to your home.

Pokémon Claw Machine Win Jolteon Prize

The color of Jolteon is yellow with a white accent on its neck. This evolution of Eevee is no longer a normal Pokémon but an electric Pokémon just like Pikachu. Jolteon is able to absorb electricity and produce lighting. It is a powerful Pokémon that will help you win the battle.

Play the online Pokémon claw game and you will get a tissue box cover with the Jolteon character on it. Just like the previous cover, this one has the face of Jolteon on the top. If the previous box cover has Showers text on the back of the cover, this one has Thunders on the back.

Cute Flareon Prize from Crane Game

Then there is also a Flareon tissue box cover you can win from playing and winning the online crane game. When Eevee evolves into a fire Pokémon, it will become Flareon. And when you win the online Pokémon crane game, you will get the Flareon tissue box cover in orange color.

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