Win Many Exclusive Pokemon Figurines from Pikachu Claw Machine

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Being the fans of Pokemon for years and craving to collect its figurines? Pokemon lovers in Singapore now can get the chance to win rare Pokemon figurines and toys by playing with Pikachu Claw Machine.

This game is just popularly well-known among game players as it has received more than 31 million downloads. 

Once you play the game, you will get addicted to winning every challenge. The number of people who are interested to play this game because players have a chance to get exclusive prizes that cannot be found everywhere else. Play the claw machine, win them, and you will get not-for-profit prizes. 

Types of Special Offers in Pikachu Claw Machines

There are numerous special offers that you can get when playing this game such as follows:

  • Limited Time Offer

This app provides a limited-time offer for any person who downloads it directly to their device. Currently, downloading this app allows you to get five premium tickets. 

Although this game requires a small payment to play, having these premium tickets enables you to play any Pokémon machine without paying.

  • Exclusive Figurines Prizes

Pokemon figurines are the most wanted prizes that every player wants to win. It is because Pokemon prizes offered in this game are all exclusive and are not sold everywhere. 

Hence, if you win the Pokemon machine you can get rare Pokemon figurines and toys even though you are living in Singapore. 

Besides Pokemon, this game has contracts with exclusive merchandise makers such as One Piece, Dragonball, and other anime series to provide those anime figurines as prizes. 

This contract allows this game to create exclusive figurines that players cannot discover or buy anywhere. 

  • Play the Game with Only $1

Although you are Singaporean players, you deserve to win Pokemon merchandise from all regions. You are able to claim any official anime merchandise you prefer in the game only by paying $1. 

Numerous players have been rewarded with their favorite anime figurines only by purchasing $1 per play. 

Along with exclusive Pokemon and anime figurines, there are other types of prizes that you can win with $1 such as Pikachu slippers, Pokemon calendar, Pokemon wristwatch, Pokemon eco bag, and many others. Interestingly, they are all limited edition. 

Steps to Play the Game

Playing and winning this game is pretty easy, there are only a few steps for you to play it. The way you play this game is similar to the ones you play in arcades. 

  • Choose the prizes you like which are shown in the game.
  • Then, play the game as best as you can because each Pokemon machine needs different skills to play. 
  • Hone your skill to play each Pokemon machine and you will have a higher chance to win the game.
  • Direct the machine to the prize and get it.
  • Once you successfully get the prize in the Pokemon machine, the game will soon process your prizes and ship them to your address in Singapore. 

Never miss the chance to collect exclusive Pokemon figurines by playing Pikachu Claw Machine. Experience challenging and interesting gameplay with arcaded vibes comfortably from your home just by installing this app to your device.

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