Let’s Have Fun Playing the Real Prize Claw Machine App Singapore

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These days, cellphone users have more choices of mobile games to play. One of the new games available in the application stores is the Real Prize Claw Machine App. This mobile game has made some gamers in Singapore addicted to it. It is addictive because of various reasons. 

It Has a Better User Interface and Graphics

One of the reasons why Singaporean gamers are addicted to this game is that it has a better user interface and graphics compared to the common claw machine app. The claw machine in this app is not just an animation; it features a real claw machine.

Therefore gamers will be able to watch a real and live video of the machine they are playing. Moreover, it is also easy to operate. Users will have no problems at all in controlling the claw because the button of this app is highly responsive.

It Has 5 Different Claw Machines

Another reason why gamers are addicted to this app is that it has 5 different claw machines. Other claw machine apps do not have as many claw machines as this app. All these claw machines have attractive but different gameplay.

The Bridge Style Claw Machine, for example, requires the gamers to claw the prize and drop it between the rods. Meanwhile, the Treasure Hunt Claw Machine requires the gamers to pick up the chain that is connected to the prize. If gamers can beat these challenges, they will win the prize.

The other three claw machines are the Ping Pong Ball claw machine, the Bounded Machine, and the Hang & Hook claw machine. Gamers are free to choose any claw machine they want to play. Therefore, when they are bored with one game, they can try other types of claw machines.

The Real Prize Claw Machine App Truly Ships Prizes to the Winners

Gamers are addicted to this gaming app because it truly ships the prizes won by its gamers. Million gamers of the Real Prize Claw Machine gaming app have received their prizes. Therefore, new users don’t need to worry that they will not get what they have won.

This app has numerous prizes for the gamers, which are interesting and expensive. Some prizes that are available in this app are anime figurines, toys, soft toys, wireless earphones, and Japanese snacks. The app also allows gamers to choose freely the prize they want to win.

Playing this game is not difficult. It is proven by the gamers who have received multiple prizes from this game. The satisfying and joyful feeling when gamers win the prizes is one of the biggest reasons why they are addicted to this game. 

Free Games and Game Tickets

Before playing the claw machine of this app, gamers must buy the game ticket. However, this app developer also offers some free stuffs for new accounts. One of them is 5 free game tickets, which allows gamers to try each of the claw machine and give them opportunities to win the prizes for free.

In addition, this app offers free practice games. As ist name suggests, these games are only for those who want to improve their skill in playing the claw machine. Therefore, they will not get real prizes from the practice games.

The Real Prize Claw Machine App is different from other claw machine apps. It is fun and easy to play, rewarding, and full of great prizes. Therefore, those who have not tried it yet must download this game now. 

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