Vietnam Sustainable Cities Start with Developing Sustainable Transportation

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Industry development definitely improves people’s standard of living. On the other hand, industrialization starts to bring negative impacts to the environment. Vietnam decides to start a green revolution by establishing Vietnam sustainable cities.

Awareness of environmental impact leads Vietnam to find solutions to balance the economic growth and natural resources. In this case, the concept of sustainable cities highlights the well-being of the economy, social and environment. 

Sustainable Transportation

In order to achieve the goal of creating sustainable cities, Vietnam has implemented a green revolution in public and private sectors. Transportation becomes the top concern in actualizing the sustainable cities because the majority of gas emissions come from vehicle and automotive industries. 

95% of vehicles that Vietnamese use are motorbikes. It makes sense that motorbikes become the primary vehicle to travel. At this moment, there are approximately 1000 electric vehicles in Vietnam. This country has 2000 charging stations to recharge the battery of electric vehicles. 

By 2022, Vietnam plans to create sustainable transportation by producing more electric vehicles. Their target is 250.000 electric vehicles. While increasing the number of electric vehicles, Vietnam will also install 20.000 battery charging stations. 

The more electric vehicle users, the transportation will become more sustainable. Electric vehicles will effectively reduce gas emissions. The battery charging costs are relatively lower than fuel vehicles. Besides, the electric vehicles manufacturer will stay sustainable too. 

Automotive Manufacturer

Gas emissions from vehicles gradually cause global warming. Hence, most automotive industries around the world strive to apply sustainable manufacturing by producing electric vehicles. However, the production of electric vehicles still emits a carbon footprint. 

Some automotive manufacturers keep developing strategies to lessen harmful emissions toward the environment.  Recycling battery cells used for electric vehicles will decrease the emission and resources. Most countries around the world including Vietnam attempt to provide eco-friendly automotive manufacturing.

Actually, Vietnam has emphasized sustainable transportation in their program for National Digital Transformation from 2025 to 2030. They aim to establish sustainable cities that require collaboration of public and private sectors. 

To establish sustainable cities in Vietnam, transportation must adapt to urban centers. Citizens may opt for private or public transportation. As long as the transportation system implements the concept of sustainability, then they can keep the environment, society and economy balanced. 

Other Potentials to Improve Vietnam Sustainable Cities

Aside from that, Vietnam still has several potentials to optimize the future sustainability in this country. It is impossible to create sustainable cities without exploring other potentials. Applying sustainable transportation is crucial. But there are some aspects that require development to create sustainable cities. 


All cities must have adequate infrastructure to fulfill citizens’ standard of living. Ideally sustainable cities surely apply intelligent technology in infrastructure development, especially for the energy and logistics sector. 

Green Building and Spaces

Environmental welfare becomes a priority when Vietnam aims to develop sustainable cities. Currently this country intensifies the usage of eco-friendly materials to construct corporate and residential buildings. Vietnam also strives to provide green spaces that are free from pollution. 

As transportation becomes the major factor that contributes to environmental impact, Vietnam currently focuses on sustainable transportation programs. However, other sectors also need development to actualize 

Vietnam sustainable cities.

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