Want the Thrill of Playing a Claw Machine? Try Japan Claw Machine App

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Everyone knows how thrilling playing a claw machine can be. Back then, we have to go to an arcade just to play. Today things are different. Apps such as the Japan Claw Machine app allow you to control a claw machine remotely using your smartphone.

About the App

Japan Claw Machine is an application that enables players from around the world to remotely control claw machines in Japan using their smartphones. It gives players the thrill of playing a claw machine without even needing to leave the comfort of their room.

How to Play

So, how do you play this Japan Claw Machine app? You start by selecting the prize you want. Then, play a claw machine and meet its winning condition. Keep in mind that the winning condition for a claw machine is different from others.

For example, if you play the bounded machine, the winning condition is making the prize slips through the rubber bands. If you play the ping-pong ball machine, you win by dropping a ball in the colored hole. If you play the bridge-style machine, you need to drop the prize from the bars, and so on.

When you play, you will be given a real-time feed of the machine. Tap on the front or side buttons to switch the cameras. You can move the machine in two directions: first, you move it left or right then forward. Once you have positioned the claw, it will make a grabbing motion.

When you meet the winning condition and win the prize, request shipping to JCM so you can have it delivered to your door. That’s how you play the game.

What Can You Win from This Japan Claw Machine App?

A lot. You can win anything from toys, soft toys, anime merchandise, food, to electronics. Better yet, the prizes are all uniquely Japanese. If you like all things Japanese, this is not an opportunity you want to miss.

Perhaps you are a fan of popular series like Pokemon, Dragon Ball, or One Piece? JCM has contracts with various popular series, which allows them to produce exclusive merchandise. If you want to collect exclusive merchandise that you can’t find elsewhere, you can win them from this claw machine app.

Prize Shipping and Fee

What’s the next step after winning a prize? Request shipping. To make a shipping request, enter the prize you just won in the cart, enter your shipping address information, then make the request. Be patient as it takes 3 to 10 days for the prize to arrive.

What about the shipping fee? The player pays the shipping fee either using KP or a shipping ticket. If you use a shipping ticket, you can have your prize shipped to your door free of charge. JCM hands out a shipping ticket on weekly basis, so take advantage of it whenever possible.

If you want to try this Japan claw machine app, just go to Google Play or App Store. Download the JCM app, start playing, and win the prize. Good luck!

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