Win Exclusive Disney Products by Playing Toy Story Game Online

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Toy Story game online is one of claw machines that allow you to collect numerous rare Disney things. If you are a fan of Toy Story movie, you should not skip this game. It provides you with a great number of Disney items you have never seen before so that they are worth to include in your Disney collections.

Most interestingly, all the prizes to win in this game are officially licensed and brand new. It becomes the main reason why many Disney livers prefer to play with this claw machine rather than purchase them at real stores.

Types of Merchandise in Toy Story Game Online

There are numerous official Disney and Pixar merchandise you can win from this game. Those official anime Disney merchandised can be claimed just by paying as low as $1 for every claw machine you play. These are several types of merchandise available in Toy Story claw game.

  • Plush Items

Plush stuffs are common merchandise to win including when you play toy story claw machine. There is a Donald Duck preciality plush 85 years version for you who like Donald Duck character. There are also plusie with Monsters, Inc theme as they come put in Sally, Wazowski, Randall, and Boo characters.

  • Q Posket

Another merchandise you can win when playing with this claw machine is Q posket. These items are good for collections display. There are Q posket Disney character in dreamy style special collection and Q posket Toy Story collections.

  • Madison Bag

Not just figurines, you have a chance to enrich your fashion collections by winning Disney leather Madison bag with Mickey Mouse character.

  • Bath Towel

You can get unique bathing needs like 55 cm Mickey Mouse bath towel.

  • Face Cushion

Cute and big Disney face cushion not only comfort to hug but also to be displayed at home.

  • Lunch Pot

There are also Disney warm 2-tier stainless lunch pots, perfect to keep your meals during travelling.

  • Bubble Wand

This Toy Story claw game also offers Mickey Mouse Bubble wand, a good toy you can play with kids.

Only Exclusive Prizes Available

All the Disney prizes exclusive because they cannot be purchased anywhere else. It is due to special merchandising contracts with anime series company in Japan. The only way to get those rare Disney figurines and merchandises is by winning the claw machine in this game app.

Toy Story Game online is a fun game to play where you can win various unique Disney products which all are exclusive and originally made from Japan.

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